donderdag 20 augustus 2020

Crealies, Mini Album “Victoriana”

Today we have Bonka as guest designer.
She made this lovely mini pop-up album.

Good morning, fans of Crealies

Pop-up books have always held a special place in my heart, so that’s why I decided to make a mini pop-up album with the help of different Crealies products.

For the cover I used 2 mm cardboard and as for the pages I used 1 mm cardboard.
Then for the decoration I used the beautiful paper “Victoriana” by 13@rts,
together with various dies from Crealies to bring this piece to life. 






Hopefully, I have managed to inspire you!

Have an amazing day!

Love, Bonka

Crealies Stansen/Dies: 

On the Edge stansen no. 40, 2 x 10,5 cm. Met dubbele stippenlijn. On the Edge stansen no. 39, 2 x 10,5 cm. Met dubbele stippenlijn. Stansen: Pocket Medium (10,4 cm) + extra laag Crea-Nest-Lies XXL stansen no. 100, Fantasievorm A, met dubbele stippen (8x) Double Fun stansen no. 30, Hoekjes met stippen

Bonka, thanks a lot for your beautiful creation. 
Soon you can also see this on Bonka's Facebook.

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