maandag 24 augustus 2020

Crealies: Envelope Add on Page

Hi It's Patty

Today I would like to show you another option for a page in a mini album. This is a cute envelope style page that you can add to your albums.  I had so much fun making my Emma Mini Album I wanted to make another page option you can use in that mini, or any other mini album. This also can be used by it's self as a cute envelope to add to larger mini albums or just by it's self. 

To make this page I used Mini Album Binding System B  to attach my pages made with Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:24  and my decorative paper cut out with Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:72 
I made a fun opening using On the Edge Die no:45  to make flap and used Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:69  and Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:53  to make my string closure. 

Using the next size down of the Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:24  I made smaller photo flaps.

Both sides open up to reveal a pocket made with For Journalzz and Plannerzz Medium Pocket Die  along with On the Edge no:50  to add a decorative boarder to the pocket. My cute tags were made with Big Labelzz and Tagzz no:13 

Once your envelope page is made you can attach this to your mini album the same way we attach all the other pages. 

Thank you for stopping by, 

please check out the video tutorial below.

Crealies Dies / Stansen:
Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:72 

For Journalzz and Plannerzz:
For Journalzz and Plannerzz Medium Pocket Die 

Crea-Nest-Lies XXL dies no. 72, Rectangles with open scallop Crea-Nest-Lies XXL dies no. 69, Circles with open scallop Crea-Nest-Lies XXL dies no. 53, Scalloped circles Crea-Nest-Lies XXL dies no. 24, Rectangles with stitchline Mini Albums Binding System B (spine 3 mm) with dots On the Edge dies no. 45, 14,5 cm with double stitchline On the Edge dies no. 50, 2x 10,5 cm with double stitch Big Labelzz & Tagzz dies no. 13, With stitch line Dies: Pocket Medium (10,4 cm) + layer up 

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