donderdag 30 juli 2020

Crealies, Hello

Vandaag is Shellie voor het eerst onze guest designer.
Zij maakte onderstaande moie harmonicakaart.

Today we have Shellie as guest designer.
Look what a beautiful creation she made.
That’s what I spelled with the letters I was given for my first Crealies project.
Hello, it seems the perfect starting point.
Hello, placed on separate pages of a ribbon tied concertina card,
with pockets for notes/photos/gift tags.

I started by making some pretty paper for the letters, flowers, and leaves
using watercolour paper and  Crealies Pigment Colourzz.
Now to cut the components. 
Using Big Labelzz and Tagzz no. 13, cut:
5 x 3rd size in dark green
5x 3rd size in white
5 x 4th size in white
5x 6th size in light green

Using the letterzz H, E, L, & O, cut:
the back of all letters in dark purple
the middle of all letters in white
the letters in your coloured watercolour paper
(don’t forget to cut 2 sets of L's)
You will also need 4 H's in dark purple.

Using Set of 3 no. 60, cut 10 of each size
Using Duo Dies no. 57 and Duo Dies no. 57A,
cut 7 sets in dark green, and 7 sets in your watercolour paper.
To make the pockets, take the size 3 white pieces and cut them down to 11 cm by putting the die back on the tag as shown. Run just the bottom edge through your machine. Mark the back of each tag at 5 mm from top and bottom, both sides.
Start assembling your tags. Stick the white size 4 tags onto the dark green
size 3 tags using dries clear wet glue.
Next, stick your letters together and attach one to each tag.
Make your hinges by cutting the 4 dark purple H's in half.
Score them in the middle, 3 times, 5 mm apart, and pre-fold.
Stick the hinges to the backs of the pockets as shown, using the marks as guides.
Add your choice of ribbon to each end.
Make sure the glue is dry before going on the the next step.
Stick the letters on to the pockets. Glue only the sides and bottom edge.
Turn the whole thing over and stick a flower and some foliage on to each pocket.
Turn back over and decorate the letters with a flower and as much foliage as you think looks nice. (Dry place them before glueing, it’s easier to make adjustments.)
Once the glue is completely dry, turn the card over and put one light green tag
into each pocket.
You can decorate the tags, add photos, write notes, etc.
The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
The final task is to fold the card concertina style and tie with the ribbon. 
There you have your card, which is also so much more.
Thank you for taking your time to read my first contribution.
I hope you enjoyed it, and that you’ll join me next time. 

Shellie, thanks a lot for your beautiful creation.
Soon you can also see this at Shellie's blog.

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