donderdag 10 maart 2022

Crealies, Two Cards

Today Bonka is our guest designer. 
She made two beautiful cards.

I made two cards for you this month. For one of them I used the mixed media technique.  I created the background with a Stencilzz & Maskzz no. 307 and watercolor paints. The hearts I cut with Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no. 113 from black cardstock. 

For the relief I used the same stencil again. For the flowers I used the stamps A Perfect Match no. 03 and 04, and the dies to go with them, coloring them and adding volume.

For the second card I cut the base with Cardzz no. 88 from colored cardstock. For the flowers I used again the stamps A Perfect Match no. 03 and 04 as well as the dies for them, giving them a little volume. I cut the letters on both cards with Alfies no. 04.

I hope that I have managed to inspire! 

Have an amazing day!
Bonka Kalincheva

Crealies Dies / Stansen:

Crealies Stamps / Stempels:

Crealies Mixed Media:


Bonka, thanks a lot for this lovely cards. 
Soon you can also see them on Bonka's Facebook.

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