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Crealies, Wonderful Memories Tag Mini album

Today Lisa is our guest designer. 
She made such a lovely mini album. You'll adore it!

I hope that you are inspired to mix and match your Crealies dies to create beautiful projects. Today I bring to you a Tag mini album that includes some of the beautiful new November releases! I had so much fun creating this mini album, that may one day, hold photos and journaling of lovely memories. I used some 1.5-inch silk ribbon for the closure, by stringing them through the 1st and last eyelets on the tags. 

The new November releases include the gorgeous flower and leaf dies used in this mini. Duo Dies no. 58, Duo Dies no. 58A, Duo Dies no.59, Set of 3 no. 61. They are used throughout the entire mini. I just created a batch made from using a couple of pieces of the watercolor/mixed media paper, and mixed the Pigment Colorzz using the spray bottles, and batch sprayed the flowers and leaves. The middles of the flowers are art stones adhered with glue. Once the glue dried I dabbed them with the Pigment Colorzz Light Brown. For the flowers I used  Pigment Colorzz Blue. For the leaves I used Pigment colors Olive Green. Using my Cropadile, I added metal eyelets to the tops of the Tags. 

 I used Big Labelzz & Tagzz no. 13 for the tag pages and cut a total of 5 in different sizes to stagger the pages. In between each tag I used Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no. 24 and cut them down to size so that every page is staggered and can flip open easily. Once you cut them down to the size you need, place the die back on the pieces and run just the bottom through the die machine only part way so that you have the stitch lines all around. You can create ANY size you want using this technique.

On the inside cover. I used 2 CLJP 653 Pocket Small. I created the inserts, then used On the Edge no 49 with double stitch and double dots to top the tags so they pull out easily. I used 2 different word sets to create the words on these 2 pages. Lovely Moments and Wonderful Memories. 

The word dies are simply precious!! The beauty of the word dies is, if you have all of the sets, you can mix and match the words to create many different phrases. I did this for versatility throughout the mini.  

I used the Text Dies no. 111 Wonderful Memories word die on this page. 

I used the 
Text Dies no. 109 Lovely Moments on this page. 

I created the AWESOME CLJP654 Harmonica Pocket  and adhered it to this page. I used the inner die from the set to create the tags that I stuck in the pockets.

I used the   On the Edge no. 50 to create the tag tops.

Here is a close up of the side of the CLJP654 Harmonica Pocket.
You can stick many tags in each pocket. 

This page has the Text Dies no. 114 Always Remember words. 

This is another CLJP654 Harmonica Pocket with the Text Dies no. 110 Together Forever words. The tags were created the same way the others were. 

This is just another side view of the CLJP654 Harmonica Pocket. 

I used both Text Dies no. 114 Always Remember and
Text Dies no. 112 I Love You & Me xoxo to create Remember Love words. 

I mixed a few of the words dies to create the back-cover page. 

This is top view of the mini. There is a total of 8 pages all together. 

I used my Zutter Binder to bind all of my pages together. I hung a handmade boho bead to it. But you could easily tie ribbon around the spine for a frilly edge. 

Quick Bonus Project: 

Pigment Colorzz Color Chart.

I created a cute little color chart for my 15 Pigment Colorzz, plus the Pearl Powder Gold and the Pearl Powder White Silver.  I die cut tags and eyelets from the watercolor/mixed media paper. I adhered the eyelets to the tags. On one side of the tag, I wrote the color of the Pigment Colorzz I used on that tag. Using a non stick craft mat,  I mixed a tiny bit of the pigment powders with water and painted them onto each tag. After the tags were dried, I used a stainless steel ball chain to string them together. So now when I want to use one of my Pigment Colorzz, I can see exactly what the color looks like on paper. A cute little flip-through for easy reference. 

Thank you for joining me today. I hope that you are inspired to grab some of your favorite Crealies products and create your own projects. xoxo.  

Crealies Products Used:

Crealies Dies/Stansen:
Text Dies no. 109
Text Dies no. 110
Text Dies no. 111
Text Dies no. 112
Text Dies no. 114
On the Edge no. 50
On the Edge no. 49
Big Labelzz & Tagzz no. 13
Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no. 24
Duo Dies no. 59
Duo Dies no. 58
Duo Dies no. 58A
Set of 3 no. 61

Crealies For Journalzz & Plannerzz:
Dies: Pocket Small no. 653
Dies: Harmonica Pocket no. 654

Crealies Mixed Media:
Pigment Colorzz no. 26 (Light Brown)
Pigment Colorzz no. 13 (Blue)
Pigment Colorzz no. 22 (Olive Green)
Watercolor / Mixed  Media paper 200 grams no. 104
Spray Bottles no. 99


Lisa, thank you for your beautiful creation.
Soon you can also see this on Lisa's blog.

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