maandag 6 april 2020

Crealies: Personal Size Mosaic Mini

Hello It's Patty

Today I would like to share with you a very small personal size mini for just a few special photos.  This mini can be used all by it's self or you can use it to add to larger mini albums and place in a pocket. 

For my cover I used Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:99  This works similar to a gate fold style mini where this opens from the right and left sides.  This album could possibly become thicker and a string closure for this style is the best type of closure. 
To make this I used Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:21  to make 2 small circles and added a brad and string to keep it shut. 
I just love using the Large Pocket Die from Journalzz and Plannerzz no:651 
to make a photo flap. 
On the back sides of the covers each side got one of these photo flaps. For my center pocket as well as my photo mats inside I used the Medium Pocket Die from Journalzz and Plannerzz no:652 
I used Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:96  for my back middle page
and used Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:98   for my 2 side pages. 
When its fully opened up you can see how fun this is. 

When you flip it over here is a peek of the back side. 

For a simple tutorial and walk through please check out the video below:

Thanks for looking.

Crealies Stansen/ Dies:

For Journalzz and Plannerzz:




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