maandag 11 september 2023

Crealies: Squashfold Interactive Cards Three Ways, with video


I am Karen Hasheck of Karen’s Kreative Kards and I am sharing several Squashfold cards made with dies from the most recent release at Crealies. Squashfold cards have been around for a while, but Crealies just took them to a whole new level! Hearts, Circles or Squares- you can choose! Here is my wedding or anniversary card made with the Heart Squashfold as well as several of the Crealies Heart with Rough Edges on the front.

Here is the card I made step by step in the new video with the Circle Squashfold die set as well as the new Bear with Cub and Deer Head Silhouette dies:

 I had an idea to put three of the new Square Squashfolds together with the new bananas with faces and arms, and here are still pictures of that very large card:


You will want to watch the video to see the interactive pop up motion of all of these cards especially the last one as it is so hard to get all this wonderful squashfold motion in still pictures. I had great fun designing these squashfold cards and I hope the cards encourage you to give some of the ideas and products a try!

Happy Creating! Karen 

I have used the following Crealies products:

Crealies Dies/Stansen:
Cardzz no. 315
Cardzz no. 314
Cardzz no. 313
Silhouetzz no. 15
Silhouetzz no. 14


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