vrijdag 1 januari 2021

Crealies Happy New Year

Lieve allemaal,

We willen iedereen bedanken voor de lieve opmerkingen, telefoontjes en gesprekjes via mail en alle social media varianten waarin we er even voor elkaar konden zijn in de moeilijke maanden van 2020.

We wensen iedereen een gezond en creatief 2021.

Het Crealies Design Team


Dear all,

We like to thanks each and everyone of you for your kind words through mail and social media. It was nice to take a moment to encourage each other in the difficult months of 2020.

We wish you all a healthy and creative 2021.

The Crealies Design Team


We would like to reïntroduce the Crealies team:

Craft product developer, Owner of Crealies

Crealies is a brand that has been specializing in original, functional and timeless craft products for more than 25 years. Annelies Karduks is the owner of Crealies and she designs all the dies, stamps and stencils. The products are mathematically calculated when necessary and are therefore easy and perfect to combine with each other. The products are divided in themes and concepts. Crealies products can be recognized by their distinctive red packaging.

Below you find our Crealies Designteam

We would like to add some new faces to our team. If you qualify and are up for a new adventure please let us know. 

Crealies Design Team

Clean and Simple                          Card making   

 Social Media                           Planner pages

YouTube                                          Mini Albums

                                             Card making

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