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Crealies Birthday Toy Train

Hi crafters...sharing a huge birthday present I made for my little niece who is celebrating her 5th birthday this month. I made two big 5 s using the new Crealies Cardzz dies and used the train Cardzz die to make the cute train.

My toy train is like a real toy...the  individual parts can be taken apart and rejoined by means of tiny magnets in the  wheel bars. What is a birthday without balloons ...so I added soooo many balloons in different sizes and colours using the  Crealies balloons die set.

This particular wagon is my favourite as it has floating glittery clouds and the birthday girl's name in matching letters [cut with the new Alfies set from Crealies]

On the  4th wagon I added elements you may see in a typical little girl's birthday : lots of pink ...pink frocks, toy balls, cameras and pink bows and hearts!

On the last wagon I added something yummy---strawberries!
And balloons and buttons and a giant 5!!

Don't you just love those strawberries from Crealies  ...
it part of an older release from Crealies  and I just love it.

Ok ...here is how you can make a Toy Train Treat Box/ display for a special occasion.

Make a Shaker Number
The new Crealies number dies in the Cardzz category are really huge and are perfect to make banners and huge decorations. For my toy train I made 2 big number 5 's 
Here is how you can easily make a shaker number.
Die cut your base using the largest shadow number.
Tape the inner 2 numbers together and die cut double sided adhesive foam.

Stick the number frame cut with the  adhesive foam onto your base.

Add shaker elements.
Die cut an acetate sheet using the  middle number.

Stick this onto your adhesive number frame.

Press well to stick

Add a frame made using the inner 2 numbers and add it over your shaker

And you have a quick and easy Shaker number.

Make Toy Train wagons

If you want to make a sturdy but lightweight toy train you use foam to give strength your paper train.

For each train wagon/engine 
Die cut 3 pieces [1 in pattern paper, 1 in card stock and 1 in foam- to be sandwiched between pattern paper and cardstock] for the front and 3 pieces for the  back.

To make the  wagon boxes
You can make the boxes from chipboard like Patty showed on the  Crealies channel or make the  wagons using cardstock like I did for this project

To make one wagon you need just one 18 x 12 cm paper.

Score it on all its edges [ by turning the  paper as you go] at 4 cm from the  edge[ = 1 3 /4 inches]

Once your paper is scored make 4 cuts as shown to enable you to fold your paper into a box.

Snip off a bit of paper to create gluing tabs

It will look like this:

Optionally snip off triangles from the  outer end of your gluing tab as shown below...this is not compulsory...it just gives a neater finish to your gluing

Your paper will look like this now...all ready to fold and glue into a box

Fold all score lines and you will get a shape as shown below

Apply glue to your gluing tabs and glue...
use paper clips to help keep your parts together as your glue dries

My toy train has 5 wagons as the  birthday girl is celebrating her 5th birthday!

Stick the  boxes onto your wagons and your train boxes are ready to add little toys, candy etc

Since the toy train is very big with 5 parts I wanted a mechanism to take apart the pieces and put them back together like a real toy...I made magnetic parts to join the wheels of the train

Cut 3 strips [in cardstock, foam and silver paper] and 2 wheels using the dies in the Train Cardzz set.
Stick the  foam in between the pink cardstock and silver paper...this makes your part sturdy and prevents it from buckling while keeping it lightweight

I made 8 strips to join 5 of my train wagons

You can simply glue the  wheels on to your strips or if you want a really good adhesion use brads. Poke holes on either end of the strips and through the center of your wheel and join the wheel to your strip using the  brads. I added magnets to the  backside of the  strips under the wheel and magnets onto the wagon wheels as you can see in the  toy train individual pieces below

As a final touch I will be adding photos of the  birthday girl and her family
in each of the wagons and in the  windows!
I hope you like some of the  ideas I have shared in this post

Crealies Dies/Stansen :

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