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Crealies Baby Girl Mini Album

I love dresses for little girls and was thrilled to see the  adorable Onesie die set
from Crealies. These are huge dies and perfect to create banners, stand alone
shaped cards and mini albums.

The pages in this mini album are dresses and each dress has a front and a back where you can add photos or journalling. So you have space to add a minimum of 4 photos in each dress and tuck in even more if you add pockets inside each dress.

Unlike conventional albums...the  pages are not attached to each other but have their own individual hangers from which you can take out a dress and look at the  photos inside or add a bit of journalling within it.

Each dress has its own hanger which I made out of wire and dressed it up by wrapping satin ribbon around it.

 I also made the  stand to hang the  dresses using skewer sticks and ribbon.

I kept the  dresses fairly simple but you can embellish away to glory
or follow the  minimalist style!

My favourite embellishment is the  shaker baby bottle I made using the  Crealies  bottle die. It is sooo cute!

Baby Girl Mini AlbumTutorial 
Here is how you can make the  Scrapbook Pages
Die cut 2 dresses using Crealies  Cardzz die using thick card stock and pattern paper to create a back and front of  a baby girl's dress.

The front and back of the  dress are joined at the  sleeves using a 1/2 inch width strip of reinforced card stock.
 Take a strip of card stock around 1 x 1 and 1/8 inches and score at 1/2 inch and 1/8th inch after that. Optionally reinforce this joining piece of card with  duct tape or Tyvek.

Fold along  the  score lines and cut this into two along the  1 inch length so that you have two 1/2 inch pieces scored in the  middle. Each piece will  have a 1/8th inch strip in the  middle and a 1/2 inch strips on either side of this.
Stick the 1/2 inch parts onto the  sleeves of the  dress as shown below.

Fold the  strips. Leaving the  1/8th inch part, apply glue to the  remaining 1/2 inch strip and stick the  back of the  dress on to this.

Liquid adhesive is a better choice so that it will allow you to adjust your dress to get a perfect alignment of the  front and back.

After roughly adhering and ensuring correct alignment...lay the dress parts flat and press the  joint to ensure a good adhesion.

I made 10 dresses with space to add 40 photos!

You can make your own  dress hangers using a bit of wire . My hangers are tailor made to the  dress size and measures around 4 inches across.  

I first made one hanger roughly freehand using wire and then nailed 3 nails to a piece of wood to help wind the  wire around the  nails to make all the  hangers fairly  uniform in size.

I hope you agree that the dresses look adorable hanging from their own special hangers !

The best thing about this style of scrap-booking is you can add more dresses to hold more photos and you are not limited by the  number of pages of your album
I hope you liked this idea.

Crealies Dies/Stansen :

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