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Flip and Fold Tag Folio

Hi crafters. I know you will agree with me when I say it feels good to be able to stretch our supplies isn't it ! I created this folio / folder using the popular
Crealies Big Labelzz and Tagzz No.16 die set.
The shape of the folio is different as I manipulated the diecuts to get this unique shape!

Love Crealies flowers....perfect for shaping into dimensional blooms.
I made these flowers from really thick card stock so that they won't be squished!

The leaves are holly leaves inked, shaped and glittered to give a beautiful look.

The magnetic closure of the album is made with Crealies tag dies
and I added a flower for effect!

Here is the look when you open the latch...
a dual panel which opens out further into a triplet.

The upper flaps which are magnetic open up to reveal the design underneath.
The beautiful On the edge dies from Crealies are so eye catching!

These 3 tags flip down to reveal  6 panels!

Here is the  top trio with a pocket inside to hold notes, tags, recipes, to do lists etc.

And here is the  lower trio with pockets made with Crealies tags.
I used Crealies Bits and Pieces stamps on one of the  pockets

And here is the  whole folio when completely opened out.

Here is the video showing the  Folio.

Flip and Fold Folio Tutorial.
Rather than give a full fledged Tutorial, I am sharing the salient steps so that you can adapt the  Tutorial to any of the Crealies  tag or large dies in your collection.

Die cut 6 tags from fairly thick cardstock using the biggest die in the
Crealies Big Labelzz and Tagzz No.16

Die cut 12 tags from pattern paper from the next size smaller tag from the same set.
Just to get a unique symmetrical shape, I have shaped the lower part of all the  tags
using on the edge die cutting as shown below.

Create Flaps
Die cut 3 smaller shapes from card stock using the largest tag die
and 6 smaller shapes from pattern paper using the  next smaller size die.

Here is how you can place the  die cut shape on the  edge of the die to create a new shape! 

It is best to tape it so that it doesn't move while die cutting

Here are the 6 pattern paper pieces for the flap of the folio

Make connecting strips using card stock as long as your tag at the middle part and
about 6 1/2  x  1  3/8  inch  and  6 1/2   x 1  5/8   inch.
Score ½ inch from either end as shown. 
You can increase or decrease the middle width depending on the  thickness of your folio.
If you going to add many tags...increase the width in between
the outer 1/2 inch scores in both the strips

Create strips to connect the flaps to the base tags using
approx 6 cm x 1 1/8   inch [I used a mix of  centimeters and inches as it gave
the most accurate measurement in  this particular case....
you can adapt to suit your design]. Score 1/2 inch from either end.

To connect the 3 upper tags to the  3 lower tags:
Take 3 cardstock strips 6 cm  x 1 inch and score at 1/2 inch [in the  center]

Here is how it will look when you attach the strips

You can add magnets to the  inside of the  flap if you wish. Do so before sticking the pattern paper. And this is how it will look after adding the pattern paper

You can use these as mini planners, recipe booklet, add special photos or you can add notebooks, pens etc inside each panel and adjust the  measurements accordingly.

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