dinsdag 20 november 2018

Gift Idea - DIY Calendars with Crealies

Hi crafters...sharing a fun idea which you can use to make cute desktop calendars
to sell at craft fairs or as special Christmas gifts for your loved ones.
These are just the perfect size to keep on the desk and is easy to put together
using the new Crealies Apron dies. 

These Apron shaped calendars have 2 sides and decorate both the sides since
they will sit on a desk/table and you will be able to see both sides.

I used cheerful colors which would look good in the kitchen and which had
a festive Christmasy feel too! 

The little mushroom you see was made with the Crealies die. 

The lace was hot glued on and the ribbons threaded through holes made in
the front half of the calendar.

The calendar itself was printed on thin paper, cut into squares and stuck on
the top part to make a tear away calendar.

The flowers you see are foamiran flowers made with Crealies dies using this Tutorial:

I used fruit themed papers on the next Apron calendar.

You can make these calendars using just 2 layers on each side but if you want to make
them nice and sturdy to gift to special people or to sell here is how you can do it:

Make the  front layer with 4 apron shaped die cuts;
from back to front: thick white cardstock,
thick red foam [foam makes it  thick and sturdy without making it heavy],
red cardstock and pattern paper.

Make the back layer using 3 layers: thick white cardstock, red cardstock
and pattern paper. The pattern paper side will face the outer side.

Join the top of the 2 aprons using a strip of card stock measuring 1 ½  x  1 ¾ inches
and scored at 3/4 inch and 1/8th inch after that. This will give you unequal widths
on either side of the scored part but it doesnt matter. The scored central part
is so as to separate the top parts just a little bit

To connect the lower halves of the 2 Aprons... a  3 x 3 ¾ inch cardstock piece
is scored on the shorter side every 3/4 inches and folded into a "W"

Apply adhesive on the outer arms [outer 3/4ths] and stick them to
the apron pieces on their lower parts.
Optional : add an additional pattern paper on the inside of the calendar for a

polished finish before you finish connecting the two halves.
I used a combination of tacky tape and liquid adhesive to stick the pieces.

The W shaped connecting piece allows you to fold the calendar flat and it can also be opened out to help the calendar stand nicely.

I hope you liked this gifting idea and that the Tutorial will be helpful to you.

Here are the wonderful products I used from Crealies:

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