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Crealies Apron Shaped Squash Mini Album and Box

Apron Box and Mini
Hi crafters...sharing an Apron shaped box which holds a cute Apron shaped Mini album.
The Apron shaped box can be made big enough to fit a mini album, card, chocolates etc. 

The mini is held closed by a ribbon and on opening there is an unusual type of pop up design

The 2 halves of the  Apron mini can be stretched apart revealing tiny bows on the folds
of the "squash fold" pop up.
You can put photos on the central 4 squares which are left un-decorated .

You can make this type of squash fold mini easily using the new Crealies Squash fold
die set.Mandy has already shown you how to use the squash fold die
so I will not repeat the basic steps again.
 Here is how I used the die to make a squash fold mini: die cut 3 squares using the Crealies Cardzz No 13 die and stick them together end to end. 

Decorate the triangles using the stitched dies from the same set.
Fold the 3 squares together- "squashing" them!

Apply adhesive to the outermost square and stick inside the "apron"

Press firmly...give it  a moment for the glue to dry . 

Apply adhesive on the square on the other side and stick on the other apron...
taking care to align properly both the aprons.

Once the adhesive has dried...you can have fun decorating the squash fold with diecuts!

The Apron shaped box for the mini album was made using the large Apron die.

The mini Album fits snugly inside the Apron shaped box and will make a simple
and cute handmade gift. 
On the Apron shaped mini I added a bottle
stamped with the sentiment "Happiness is handmade!"

Crealies Dies/stansen:

Crealies stamps/stempels:
Text & Co no. E 06


Tekst & Zo / Text & Co English stamps no. 6, Home 

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