donderdag 7 mei 2020

Crealies Flower Wreath with Pigment Colorzz

Hi It's Patty
Today I would like to share with you this pretty wreath I made
using the new Crealies Pigment Colorzz.

Below you can see how pretty the flowers came out. To make my Pink flowers I colored my paper with Pigments Colorzz no:01  no:03  and no:05 . Then I used Set of 3 no:55 .

To make my Purple flowers I colored my paper with Pigments Colorzz no:08  no:10  and no:11. 
Then I used Set of 3 no:51 

I colored my cards stock in green colors from Pigment Colorzz no:20  no:22  and no:23  and cut out my greenery with Duo Dies no:54  and Duo Dies no:56 

My center was made using Transparante sheets and I cut it out with Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:41  and they were colored with Pigment Colorzz no:01  and no:20  and I cut out Decorette no:46  in black card stock to give them a shadow look.

Below is a closer look at how my papers came out after they were colored as well as my seam binding. To color my seam binding I used Pigment Colorzz no:20 

For a video tutorial click link below:

Thank you for stopping by

Crealies Dies/ Stansen:

Crealies Mixed Media:

Crealies Basis/Basic:


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