maandag 16 maart 2020

Crealies: Double Banner Mini Album

Hello It's Patty
Today I would like to share with you this mini album made with Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:99  to create the double banner front and back cover. I attached them using the
Mini Album Binding System A  my inside pages are made with Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:87  

On the cover I used Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:88  to create a pocket to hold my tags made with Big Labelzz and Tagzz no:15 

The pockets below are made with Journalzz and Plannerzz no:653  small pocket, no:652 medium pocket and no:651  large pocket dies. 

Using the Medium Pocket Die from the Journalzz and Plannerzz no:652  I made my photo flaps. 

Below to make my closures I used Set of 3 no:54  to make my swing tabs and I used one of the smaller circles from Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:84  to make my string closure. 

Using On the Edge Die no:33  I made my pocket to hold a photo mat (left side) 

Using the smaller shapes from the Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no:99  I made this magnetic closure to hold my photo mats. 

Thank you for stopping by, for a full walk through of this mini album please check out the link below.

Thank you Patty

Crealies Dies/Stansen:

Journalzz and Plannerzz:

Mini Album Binding System:

1 opmerking:

  1. Wow.....wat een super GAAF album is dit....prachtige kleuren en het zit vol verrassingen.....schitterend!
    Groetjes Diny


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