maandag 8 maart 2021

Crealies: It's All About the Pockets Mini Album Part 3 of 3


Hi It's Patty

Today we wrap up with part 3 of 3 for my It's All About the Pockets Mini Album. This album was so much fun to make and I hope its given you some fun ideas for pockets.  In this video we make the covers and binding system and feature how to make a set of stacked pockets. 

You can see how much fun this album is with all the fun layers of pockets. 

To make the stacked pockets I used For Journalzz and Plannerzz XL Pocket Die no:655  and used On the Edge XL no:33  for a decorative boarder to the pockets. 

You can see the fun look the pockets when you remove the photo mats and tags. 

Below are some photos of what the album looks like all together.

To watch the video tutorial  and walk thru, please click the link below.

Thank you for stopping by.

Crealies Dies/Stansen:
On the Edge XL no:27 
On the Edge XL no:30 
On the Edge XL no:32 
On the Edge XL no:33 
On the Edge no:36 
On the Edge no:45 
On the Edge no:50 
On the Edge no:51 
Labelzz and Tagzz no:18 
Big Labelzz and Tagzz no:18 

For Journalzz and Plannerzz:
For Journalzz and Plannerzz Small Pocket Die no:653 
For Journalzz and Plannerzz Medium Pocket Die no:652 
For Journalzz and  Plannerzz Large Pocket Die no:651 
For Journalzz and Plannerzz XL Pocket Die no:655 


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