dinsdag 17 september 2019

Money and Gift Holder Tri-fold Tag

This is an "all in one" type of project... It is a cash/money holder plus
chocolate/gift holder and a card made using Tag dies!

I used the  gorgeously large Big Labelzz and Tagzz No.13 dies from Crealies to make
this tri-fold design. The outside has a vase [made with the cup die Xtra No.25]
filled with soft foam flowers all handmade with Crealies dies and
a little stamping with the Crealies script stamp and lots of foliage.

The inner flap has a slot made with the gift card die Xtra No.21
and it holds a tag for a personal message or you can add a gift card.

The central panel has a slot again, made with the gift card die set Xtra No.21
and it holds money. What you see is our largest denomination Indian currency
the 2000 Rupee note---  It is a big one and it fits perfectly! Under the  money holder
is a box to hold chocolates or a special gift [made using the  Crealies  chocolate holder] and the  left flap has a tag which lifts up like a card
and you can write a message for the  recipient. 

I hope you liked this idea.
Cheers, Dr Sonia S V

Crealies  Dies/Stansen:
Crealies  Stamps/Stempels:

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