zaterdag 13 april 2019

Blogestafette Day 4 - Dag 4: Soccer Ball Penstand Tutorial

Hennie showed her creation for the blogestafette yesterday and today it is my turn:

Hi crafters... happy to share a simple but super cute and functional project...
a Soccer Ball Penstand. I made it with the new Soccer Ball die from Crealies
Cardzz No .14. You can see the  diecuts in the  picture below . 

The  size of the  diecuts is large enough to make a ball party decoration, party prop,
a box, a shaped card or a functional and unique handmade Penstand
like the  one you see here. 

It is pretty simple to make the  Penstand. Use extra diecuts in foam or  thick cardstock to add strength .

The curved wall is made using a strip of card stock with wedges cut on the  sides
to enable you to easily stick the  strip in a curved fashion to the  circular sides
of your Ball Penstand. Vary the  length of the  strip according to how big
you want the  opening of the  penstand to be.

Once you stick the cardstock strip to the black base circles,
add the  Soccer ball design diecuts.

If you want to create a partitioned Penstand,
add chipboard pieces as shown below inside the Ball.

Vary the  length of the  chipboard pieces according to your wish
as it will change depending on the placement inside the  penstand.

You can add a base to the  Ball Penstand to help make it more sturdy.
The base is made using the  same dies using cardstock and 2 layers of black craft foam.

It does look cute with the lovely watercolor pencils  arranged neatly inside doesnt it?

I have kept the  decoration simple adding just a simple" Smile"
on my favourite Crealies  scroll banner diecut.

I hope you liked this idea

 Crealies  Dies/Stansen:

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