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Felt Sewing Kit with Crealies

Crealies Felt Sewing Cases
          Hi crafters, Dr Sonia S V here saying a big Hi and bringing to you a special project! 
I am so in love with the new Crealies release especially the cups and mugs.
 Do you know that the quality of Crealies dies is so good that it is very easy to cut felt with it?!
Yes I made a special felt sewing kit in a cup shape using the
Crealies Cardzz 05 and Crealies Cardzz 05 A dies.
Felt Sewing Kit
 I cut all the parts of this felt sewing kit using Crealies dies. The cups are connected using Kraft tex [you can use felt too] and is held closed using an elastic loop from the strawberry button and twining around another button on the back. On the inside are felt pockets to hold scissors, seam ripper, needles etc. I used the extra dies in the Cardzz 05 to create felt layers to  hold  needles and pins.
Felt Sewing Kit
I hope you liked this idea!

It is pretty easy to make and here are some key steps
Crealies Cardzz 05 and Cardzz 05A
Use Crealies dies to cut the mugs and optional accessories from thick cardstock and felt.

Score a  3.5 x 2 inch piece of card stock or Kraft Tex 3/4 inch from either end...this will form the spine measuring 1/2 inch width

Attach the 3/4 inch part to the inner edge of the mug as shown

Fold and attach the other 3/4 inch border to the inside of the other mug

This is how it will look

Cover the card-stock on both sides with felt

To make the pocket for the scissors...attach a folded piece of card stock/Kraft Tex

to a felt  piece [cut from the inner mug of the Cardzz 05 set]

Apply glue to the edges of the felt piece and  the kraft tex and stick to the base .

Keep the scissors inside while sticking to ensure that you dont stick it too flat.

Make another pocket in the same way on the other side.
Optionally add a ribbon to hold items such as the threader!

Make a closure by typing an elastic loop through the hole of a button
and stitching the button to a piece of felt [again cut with Crealies Cardzz 05 die].

The loop of elastic will go around a brad inserted on a felt piece glued to the back of the mug.

For a neat finish try to avoid using the hot glue too much but use fabric glue,

UHU or any other glue appropriate for felt.

 And lastly here is the Coffee Mug

This one holds the tiny Tim Holtz Scissors and so you can see how big it is!

I hope you like this idea. It will make a cool handmade gift! 
Crealies Dies /Stansen:


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