donderdag 11 april 2024

Crealies: Pony Dreams

Hello, Crealies friends!

 Today, I embarked on a crafting journey to create a magical card for a pony-loving kid.
With Crealies' new rainbow and cloud dies in hand, I set out to bring joy to life on paper. Selecting the perfect background, the process flowed effortlessly, resulting in a vibrant and cheerful card bursting with color. 

As I crafted, I couldn't help but smile, imagining the delight this card would bring. With each cut and placement, I infused the project with love and imagination, knowing it would be cherished by its intended receiver. 

I hope you all have fun crafting with the new Crealies products!



Crealies Dies / Stansen: Partzz no. 77
Partzz no. 78

Crealies Basis:

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