donderdag 13 juni 2019

Kitchen Utility Set with Crealies Stamps

Hi crafters, Dr Sonia here and in this blogpost I am showing you a fun way you can use your favorite Crealies stamps to make utility items for your home! I have a predominantly red colour scheme in my kitchen and so went with a red colours for this Kitchen Utility set I made using napkins and Crealies  stamps.

After a coat of gesso and white acrylic paint I decoupaged the poppies onto the wooden board. It had too much white space and so I used the
beautiful Bits and Pieces No.147 stamps to add interesting accents. 

I love these tiny stamps from Crealies  as they are in an assortment of sizes and in mirror images. The mirror images are so useful in projects such as these where you want the  leafy vines to point in different directions from the flower stem.

Because the stamps are flexible they were easy to apply onto the curved surface
of the bottle too. I just placed the stamp on my finger, inked it with
Archival ink and stamped it onto the  bottle!

The cutting board is going to be a message/list holder in my kitchen!

I made the Utensil holder and the tissue box in the same way.

I hope you liked this fun idea to strech your scrapbooking supplies.

 Crealies  Stamps/Stempels:

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