dinsdag 4 december 2018

Crealies Slider Gift Card Holder

The new Crealies dies to make gift card slots and holders are simply fabulous ! In this post I am sharing how to make a  Gift Card Holder in the shape of a cup with a double slider mechanism.

On pulling the frothy cream topping on the coffee cup the gift card slides out of its slot and behind it slides out a separate card where you can stamp a sentiment.

Here is how you can make this sliding gift card with sliding sentiment

Die cut 2 cups using the Crealies Cardzz 05 die. Cut a slot in the top of the cup using the Gift card slider die Xtra No.21. Slide a gift card through the slider slot and using this as a guide add adhesive foam tape on the edges and lower part of one cup as shown below 

Die cut 2 "frothy cream" using the Crealies Cardzz 05 A and sandwich a tag in between them using foam tape to give bulk and strength. You will have to experiment a bit with the length ! Stick a ribbon on the upper part of the cup as shown above. Slide in the gift card and trim the ribbon so that it protrude out about an inch or so. Apply sticky tape to the backside of the tag[ shown in red]

Put the cream + tag on the top of the cup and glue the ribbon to the tag.

Reinforce the ribbon - tag adhesion with extra tape.

Now your slider mechanism is ready to assemble. I stamped a cup with gorgeous coffee beans using the  Crealies Bits and Pieces No 119 and stuck it over the first cup holding the slider mechanism. 

Tips : It is best to use a single strip of thin foam tape on the sides of the cup and not small pieces as this will ensure a smoother sliding.

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