dinsdag 15 mei 2018

Mini Album with Crealies Dies

Hi Crealies fans....Dr Sonia here once again and I  am so excited to share a fun mini-album
 I designed using the Crealies Cardzz No 6 die. I love this die and if you missed it here is the earlier Home Decoration project I created with the same die.

This is an accordion style album with multiple flips and folds.The edges have
a beautiful saw teeth/zig zags created using the Cardzz No 6 die.
The picture below shows how the album opens on one side.

 The picture below shows how it looks when you fold down all the flaps
on this side of the mini album.

And here is the cover page- simple with handmade clay frames , winged hearts and  love birds. I used beautiful papers from Graphic 45 along with thick card stock to make the album.

And here is the other side of the accordion album which has flaps which un-fold up

 And this is how it looks with the flaps of the alternating pages folded down and up.

I hope you were also able to see all the useful and beautiful Crealies text dies I used on the various pages.
 Making this style of mini album using the Cardzz No 6 die is a breeze as it has inbuilt flaps you can use to create the folds easily and quickly.
Card-stock- Sturdy good quality 
 Pattern Paper
Adhesive- Preferably strong Liquid adhesive
Crealies Die Cardzz No 6

Die - cut 7 to 8 pieces with the main Cardzz No 6 die
Cut card stock to make flaps measuring 5 and 1/2  x 4 a  1/4 th or 4 and 1/8th inch - You can add a zig zag toothed edge using the  die in the Cardzz 06 die set if you wish.
When gluing you will alternate the pieces as shown below to create an accordion.

I have labelled the pieces as 1 , 2 and 3 for you to understand easier without confusion. Fold up the flap on the long side of piece 1 and apply glue to  it.

Glue this flap  to  piece 2 as shown below

 Fold back the upper flap of piece 2[ green arrow] .
Apply glue on the backside of the flap of piece 2 and  stick to piece 3 [ red arrows]

Use binder clips if you don't have the patience to hold with your fingers!

Now your accordion mini album will look like this.

Add the extra flaps by sticking the extra card pieces to the flaps on the pieces 1, 2 , 3 and so on.

The position of the flaps will alternate in position .

Here the flap on piece 1 folds down  while the flap on piece 2 folds up, on piece 3 it will fold down and so on!

You can repeat the steps to create large accordions with the fun folds!

In the mini album shown here I used  just 7 base pieces and 6 additional flaps and have space to add 25 photos excluding the cover page!

Because the Cardzz No 6 die can easily fit a 4 x 6 inch photo you can easily trim these photos to fit into your pages .

Crealies Dies / Stansen:

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