zondag 19 mei 2019

Crealies Bullet Journal Exercise Tracker

Hi crafters.... I am sure many of you have tried to lose weight at some point or the
other with a combination of dieting and/or exercise! Research shows that if you
track your exercise in a journal not only does it keep you motivated but the
very act of recording your efforts helps you to lose weight!

I used the Journaling Monthly Page A no. 305 stencil to create the  layout of my
tracker pages. One page is to track calories burnt on the treadmill and the
opposing page tracks the time spent on the  treadmill on each day. 
What is especially cool about this stencil is there is a dedicated space for the heading
and if you tweak the stencil design you get a perfect space to jot down the date and since there are 7 rows you can make a perfect monthly layout with days of the week.

For the month of May, you get two empty spaces each on the top and bottom
of the  monthly grid and you can use that to doodle like I did here...
a running figure and a treadmill [on the  other page]!
Using the Crealies flower and leaf stamps make decorating your page super quick,
fun and easy. Those flowers and leaves add so much color and life to something
as drab as an exercise routine!

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