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Blog Relay Day 6: Stencils For Journalzz and Plannerzz

Yesterday you saw the creation of Jolanda and today is my turn. 

Hi crafters... Have you seen the  fabulous range of stencils, stamps and dies
introduced by Annelies especially for journaling and planner enthusiasts!
If not be sure to check out our blog relay posts.
I am a novice at Bullet journaling and having ready to pullout Bullet journaling Stencils
was so useful to quickly and easily make monthly, weekly and daily layouts. Sharing a
few fun and easy ways to use the new Crealies Bullet Journal stencils in your layouts.

The Crealies  Stencils are perfect for A5 pages and as you can see the stencil
completely covers my A5 page. I used  a monthly stencil and quickly sponged
a few colors of Distress Inks. And voila... here is the  result.....

This one is perfect as a Calories burnt tracker for the  month.

Here is another way you can use the same stencil...
use fineliner pens through the stencil. 

I used red for the  header part and green for the grid lines in the month
but this time didn't ink the tiny diamonds of the stencil design.

Florals are so fun and using Crealies flower and leaf stamps....
it is so quick to create a beautiful layout just perfect for spring!

Doesn't it look beautiful ?!

Rainbows are always cheerful and here I have used the Crealies 
monthly grid stencil and Distress Inks  to create a colourful layout

This stencil design is perfect to show all the  days of the month
and completely fills an A5 page.

Here is another simple way to use the  same design
but with an added twist to jazz it up a bit.

After outlining the design with a fineliner pen, shift the stencil upwards
and to the right and go over the top right part again

This is an easy and fun way to create a beautiful 3 D effect!

Have a bit more fun with Crealies  stamps and your layout is ready! I used Crealies  butterflies, flowers and leaves here. These tiny stamps from Crealies  are just perfect for journaling and since they come in handy mirror images they are so cool to use!

In the  same way you can use the tiny Crealies stamps and the  new Bullet journaling
stencils to quickly create weekly and daily layouts for your planner and journal.

Crealies  has a beautiful variety of tiny floral and foliage stamps
and they work perfectly with the Stencils

The layout below was created by flipping one of the  stencil designs.
4 of the  rectangles will fit in an A5 page.

I went for a butterfly theme using the  Crealies stencil shown below.
It has 9 boxes and will be perfect for daily and weekly spreads.

Don't forget to checkout the other blogposts this week... We are showcasing
the new Crealies  release which has so many beautiful stencils, dies and stamps
that will make your journaling fun and easy.

Crealies  For Journalzz & Plannerzz:
Stencil Journaling Monthly Page A no. 305
Stencil Journaling Monthly Page B no. 306
Stencil Journaling Weekly Page A no. 303
Stencil Journaling Weekly Spread A no. 301
Stencil Journaling Weekly Spread B no. 302

Crealies  Stamps:
Bits and Pieces No.143
Bits and Pieces No.144
Bits and Pieces No.149
Bits and Pieces No.152
Bits and Pieces No.156

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