vrijdag 15 februari 2019

Crealies Star Shaped Box

          Hi crafters..have you ever bought something  because you were attracted to
the box or the packaging? I have been guilty of that on more than one occasion!
And following on that trail of thought...presenting to you a unique handmade
Star shaped gift box perfect to hold chocolates and even jewellery!

Making a shaped box is time consuming especially if it is a unique shape but it is so
much easier if you have a nice array of nesting dies to make your job quicker. I made this box using the new Crealies  Star shaped Nesting Dies Crea Nest Lies XXL No 89.  

The lid is made using foam, card stock and pattern paper and the glass knob you see
on the lid is actually a tiny glass mini vase! I also made a simple card which can be
placed inside the box!
I hope you like this idea!

Crealies  Dies/ stansen:

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