maandag 7 augustus 2017

Floral Anniversary Card

Today Barbara is our Guest Designer and she made
a beautiful composition with the 'Combies'.

I was pleased to be asked to Guest Design again for Crealies.
The die and stamp combination work so well together.
I used linen effect card to add background interest on the card blank.


Crealies die+stamp / stans+stempel:

Crealies dies/stansen:

Combies stansen+stempels / dies+stamps no. 01, Bloemen A / Flowers A Crea-Nest-Lies XXL stansen/dies no. 28 Duo Dies no. 40, Blaadjes 8 / Leaves 8 Text Die no. 107 Happy Anniversary

Thank you for inviting me again.
Regards Barbara

Barbara, thanks a lot for your beautiful card.
                                  Soon you can also find it on Barbara's blog.

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