maandag 15 mei 2017

A pink shabby chic canvas for Crealies

Vandaag is de Zweedse Sari onze Guest Designer. Zij laat haar creatie niet alleen zien door middel van foto's maar ook met een YouTube filmpje.

Hi there… 
This time I’m giving you the chance of taking part of my process
in a video format. 
Here’s first some text and photos for you to take part of, and at the end of this blog post, there’ll be a link to the video. 

I started off by dragging some embossing ink through a round stencil 'Masks & More Mini-Straight sun rays, and then pouring some clear embossing powder over the inked area. After I had taken care of the excess powder, I heat set it with a heat tool, in order to capture some of the text underneath the embossing powder. The powder is made out of plastic, and gives the paper a surface that resists the ink that I added on afterwards. 

I used the same method to make the rectangle shape with embossed hearts, with a hearts stencil 'Masks & More no. 23'.  
I cut the papers to the shapes I have, with a
'Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no. 33-Double stitched circles' die
and a regular 'Crea-Nest-Lies XXL no. 24-Stitched rectangles' die. 
I made two spiral roses out of paper. 

In order to make the fun looking white net, that I have in the canvas, I die cut some small squares with a die that is called 'Decorette no. 21-Just squares'.
I used the left over piece as a stencil, to drag some embossing paste through, on to the canvas. Having let the paper dry, I cut it apart to make a fun looking element on the canvas. 

Having come a bit further, I wanted to add some stamps to the canvas, so I used a stamp that’s called 'Bits & Pieces no. 62-Big grunge circles'.  

I’ve also added some fun elements, to create more texture on the canvas, by adding on a paper rose, some string, a wood veneer circle and some wood veneer cog wheels.  

Here is the link to the video post on YouTube


Crealies dies/stansen:

Crealies stamps/stempels:

Crealies Masks & More:

Crea-Nest-Lies XXL stansen/dies no. 24, Rechthoeken met stiksteeklijn/Rectangles with stitchline Crea-Nest-Lies XXL stansen/dies no. 33, Cirkels met dubbele stiksteeklijn/Circles with double stitch Decorette stans/die no. 21, Alleen vierkantjes/ Only squares Bits & Pieces stempel/stamp no. 62 Big grunge circles Masks and More no. 23 kleine hartjes / small hearts Masks & More Mini no. 104 Zonnestralen recht/Sun rays straight

Sari, thanks for making such a nice canvas.
Soon you can also find it on Sari's blog.

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  1. Weer lekker anders! So different! En mooi! And beautiful! Groetjes, Gerrina


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